Investment & Advising

Early Stage Investment

ARENA Investments

Greg is a Managing Director in ARENA, an investment fund that invests in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in the $5 million to $20 million range.


Capital E makes early stage investments and holds a portfolio of equity positions in 15 leading firms in the following areas:  clean energy, green building/green city, low carbon materials, and smart grid.

Clean Fee Investors

Greg is a Manager (and investor) of Clean Feet Investors, a $25 million project finance fund achieving 17% post tax yields since 2010.

Good Energies

Greg served as Managing Director of Good Energies, a multi-billion-dollar global VC investor in clean energy, where he led investments in energy efficiency, green buildings, and smart grid.

Oasis Investment Management

Greg also served on the Advisory Board of Osmosis Investment Management, which developed the first low carbon Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) and is traded over the London Stock Exchange.

Partnerships & Advising

St. Elizabeth

Capital E is the Sustainability Advisor to Redbrick LMD-GreggCardonaPartners on Phase One of the redevelopment of St. Elizabeth’s East.

Energy Efficiency Financing - Models and Strategies

Greg Kats advises several European and US VC firms on clean energy and green building investments, including assisting with due diligence.