Guiding City Greening

Capital E was hired by the DC Department of General Services (DGS) to study the costs and benefits of installing cool roofs, green roofs, and rooftop PV on DC owned buildings. The result is the first rigorous and relatively comprehensive estimate of and methods to determine the costs and benefits of these technologies. Based on our findings, virtually all DGS roofs should have one or several of these smart roof options. For more see the DGS Smart Roof Project page.

Entering the North American Market

WEMS, the VC-funded European leader in wireless building energy management, hired Capital E to guide them through entering the North American Market. Capital E introduced and brokered joint pilots integrating client equipment with the software and advanced controls of a leading energy aggregator and a leading ESCO. Pilots are designed to lead to a three-way joint venture for the North American market.

Negotiation and Strategy

For a Top-20 global law firm, Greg Kats served as co-head of negotiation and strategy for a multibillion dollar infrastructure and energy development project for a country client. Work included leading design of large-scale distributed clean energy as way a to address both social needs and achieve project development obligations.

Industry Redesign and Market Positioning

Greg was hired by and worked directly with the CEOs of the 4 largest US cast and ductile iron manufacturing firms to guide their firms and industry through a fundamental rethink and redesign of objectives and market positioning to embrace new green industry and green building standards, including for the first time undertaking factory and product lifecycle evaluations to benchmark and guide future performance objectives and incentives.